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This past week my mentor Juan posted about our GSoC project ( and Paul Frields came up with an idea to integrate the events system into drupal instead of writing a new webapp from the ground up, and after a lot of discussion with my mentor we agreed to use Drupal (and Fedora Insight) as a platform to develop the new Fedora Events System. Since we were also planning on a more generic system so that it can be used by everyone, this change wont affect it instead it would make it better since people could integrate it into their websites [Quite a few people use drupal for their websites] (or just use drupal for the events part).

So this past week I worked on the basic UX and UI Diagrams for the users. They are still under work and would slowly expand.

UI Diagram :

UX Diagram:


Accepted into GSoC

Posted: April 28, 2011 in summer-coding

I have been accepted into GSoC and will be working on Fedora Events System. Fedora Events System is a webapp designed to move away from the wiki-style event management to a solid webapp, it will do everything the wiki did so far and better. My mentor Juan “Nushio” Rodriguez who welcomed me with open arms will help me get this done during the summer.

P.S. Thank you Ryan Rix  who has always been an awesome friend and mentor.