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Posted: May 10, 2011 in fedora

There have been a lot of people complaining about the Fedora community (Not planning to name any) and the way it works. I am not going to say that everything they say is false or made up, its their opinion and everyone should have one.  Well from my opinion the Fedora community is just plain Awehellovcarfun (Yes I made a new word just to prove my point [Awesome + helping + loving + caring + fun]) Its like a fun family where there are all kinds of people, sure there might be some weird people around, but thats what a family is made up of.

I have been around since around the release of Fedora 11. That was my first interaction with the #fedora IRC channel, I came around for some help, and my problem was solved in a few minutes (odd nvidia configuration on an external screen) and the trip from there has been fun filled. With all the awesome people being so helpful. To recall a few names there have been thomasj, nirik, DiscordianUK in #fedora, mmcgrath, nirik, jds2001 in #fedora-admin, stickster, jsmith, mchua, rbergeon in #fedora-mktg, mizmo, ricky, sijis in #fedora-websites and loads & loads of people in #fedora-social (sorry if I haven’t named you, I have a really bad memory)

I recall a time when I was really low and I came into #fedora-social whining about how bad and unfair life was, but in no time I had people making me smile, esp Sonar_Gal who has always been like a friend and mother to me and all the other people in #fedora-social including (but not limited to) EvilBob, dcr226, nirik, thomasj, mock, DiscordianUK, FranciscoD, rrix (well I could go on and on)

You could wander into any #fedora{,-*} channel or mailing list and ask the stupidest question and you will have people answer you (or atleast show you the right direction) And again I could on and on about the awesomeness of the community and its members, but I not gonna take anymore of your time. Experience it to know it.

P.S. Hats off to all the people in every channel doing the awesome work, and esp Paul Frields (the last FPL) and Jared Smith (the current FPL) for the awesome distro.


This past week my mentor Juan posted about our GSoC project ( and Paul Frields came up with an idea to integrate the events system into drupal instead of writing a new webapp from the ground up, and after a lot of discussion with my mentor we agreed to use Drupal (and Fedora Insight) as a platform to develop the new Fedora Events System. Since we were also planning on a more generic system so that it can be used by everyone, this change wont affect it instead it would make it better since people could integrate it into their websites [Quite a few people use drupal for their websites] (or just use drupal for the events part).

So this past week I worked on the basic UX and UI Diagrams for the users. They are still under work and would slowly expand.

UI Diagram :

UX Diagram: