GSoC – What goes around comes around

Posted: May 9, 2011 in fedora, summer-coding

This past week my mentor Juan posted about our GSoC project ( and Paul Frields came up with an idea to integrate the events system into drupal instead of writing a new webapp from the ground up, and after a lot of discussion with my mentor we agreed to use Drupal (and Fedora Insight) as a platform to develop the new Fedora Events System. Since we were also planning on a more generic system so that it can be used by everyone, this change wont affect it instead it would make it better since people could integrate it into their websites [Quite a few people use drupal for their websites] (or just use drupal for the events part).

So this past week I worked on the basic UX and UI Diagrams for the users. They are still under work and would slowly expand.

UI Diagram :

UX Diagram:

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